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Babymoov Glass Baby Bowls

Babymoov Glass Baby Bowls

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Glass jars for better conservation
Glass is the ideal material for storing food. Natural, it is an ecological, neutral and resistant material. Glass Babybols preserve the taste of food in a lasting manner. You have prepared your little one's meals yourself, it is natural to want the best to store and preserve them;

Practical and well-designed little pots!
A capacity of 240ml (jars graduated in ml and oz)
An airtight screwed lid thanks to its silicone seal
A large rewritable area on the lid to simply note the recipe kept and the date of creation for example
Babybols stack for easy storage in your cupboards, refrigerator or freezer

Resistant, durable and recyclable little pots!
Thanks to their glass composition, Babybols are heat resistant. They can be reheated:

In the microwave (defrost function if frozen)
Water bath
In a bottle warmer
Practical, they are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized. They do not stain on contact with food (like carrots or tomatoes for example) and are recyclable.

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