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BABYMOOV Cozydream +

BABYMOOV Cozydream +

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Reassuring cocoon for inclined baby, 100% safe!

The Cosydream(+) cocoon keeps your baby on his or her back (following WHO recommendations). Thanks to its morphological shape and its support belt, your baby is safely installed in a cocoon which soothes and reassures him .

Tilted at 10° , your baby's airways are clear and regurgitation is reduced.

And to make digestion even easier, the positioning roller is adjustable and elevates your little one's legs, thus recreating the benefits and soothing of the fetal position.

This position reassures him by reminding him of the nine months spent in his mother's womb. The Cosydream (+) incorporates morphological support for a very round head.

The risk of plagiocephaly is reduced thanks to respecting the baby's morphology. The Cosydream(+) ensures complete freedom of movement of the head, arms and legs, while comforting your baby thanks to its reduction effect.

  • Composition of the Heather gray mattress: 100% Cotton ∙ White 3D mesh: 100% Polyester ∙ Fabric under the head: 100% Cotton ∙ Exterior and belt: 100% Polyester ∙ Bias: 100% Cotton ∙ Foam: 100% Polyurethane
  • Composition of the positioning roller: Heather gray: Padding: 100% Polyester • Care: Removable cover and roller, machine washable at 30°

Dimensions: 59.00 x 36.00 x 12.50 cm

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