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BABYMOOV Lovenest Natural Care head cushion

BABYMOOV Lovenest Natural Care head cushion

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BABYMOOV Lovenest Natural Care head cushion

The antibacterial and anti flat head baby cushion

Lovenest Natural Care is specifically suitable for babies who have a fragile immune system.

The copper wire, knitted into the organic cotton mesh, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria , reduces odors and protects the skin from infections.

Oeko-Tex® certified, this eco-responsible cushion is made of microperforated foam to ensure good ventilation and a non-slip back for better support. Thanks to its natural technology and without any chemical treatment , baby's well-being is assured.

Patented, it has an inclination and a specific shape which respect the shape of the baby's skull for total freedom of movement!

The patented cushion co-developed with a pediatrician: 100% certified!

Lovenest Natural Care can be used from the birth of your child.

From the choice of materials to the ease of maintenance, everything has been thought out and co-developed with Dr Maidenberg and our co-creative parents . As soon as baby is able to roll over on his own, Lovenest Natural Care should no longer be used. The cushion can be machine washed at 30° without altering the antibacterial properties of the copper wire.

How to properly position baby for sleep?

Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), the best sleeping position for children under one year old is sleeping on their back. This position has made it possible to drastically reduce the number of deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (-76% since the beginning of the 1990s). Lying in this way, the baby's face remains perfectly clear and there is no risk of suffocation.

Technical characteristics

  • Composition :
  • Upper: 100% organic cotton
  • Bottom: 95% organic cotton & 5% elastane
  • Foam: 100% polyurethane
  • Dimensions :
  • 23 x 23 x 2.8cm
  • Machine washable (30°)
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