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BABYMOOV Lovenest+ Thermoregulating Mosaic head cushion

BABYMOOV Lovenest+ Thermoregulating Mosaic head cushion

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BABYMOOV Lovenest+ Thermoregulating Mosaic head cushion

How to properly position baby for sleep?

Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), the best sleeping position for children under one year old is sleeping on their back. This position has made it possible to drastically reduce the number of deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (-76% since the beginning of the 1990s). Lying in this way, the baby's face remains perfectly clear and there is no risk of suffocation.

Plagiocephaly syndrome

This recommendation, which it is necessary to follow, however has certain negative effects which you can overcome by being well equipped: plagiocephaly. Until the age of one, a baby's head is very soft and malleable. By spending many hours sleeping on your back, part of your skull may flatten : this is called flat head syndrome. Fortunately, very effective preventative means exist, such as Lovenest.

The benefits of the Lovenest head support

Created and patented by Doctor Manuel Maidenberg, a recognized pediatrician, the Lovenest + is an ergonomic head support : its inclination and specific shape guarantee even distribution of pressure across your child's entire skull . Everything no longer rests on the occiput: your baby thus maintains a very round head, without hindering his comfort and his movements during sleep. Its back has a non-slip coating which allows it to be positioned perfectly in all beds, deckchairs, carrycots and strollers. To adapt even more to baby's development, this head support is wider and padded to use it even longer!

A thermo-regulating fabric

Thanks to the thermo-regulating Coolmax® fabric, the Lovenest+ adapts to baby's temperature for perfect comfort: it eliminates perspiration very quickly so that baby's head stays cool. In addition, it is more resistant to stains . Finally, for simplified daily use, the Lovenest + can be washed at 30°.

Technical characteristics

  • Materials: cotton, polyester and elastane
  • Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 x 30 cm
  • Age of use: from birth to 6 months
  • Washing: machine wash at 30°
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