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BABYMOOV Bottle Brush

BABYMOOV Bottle Brush

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BABYMOOV Bottle Brush

Proper cleaning of your baby's bottles is essential to reduce the risk of contamination

  • Step #1: Don’t wait to rinse your baby’s bottle. As soon as it is finished, rinse it with plenty of water.
  • Step #2: pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into your bottle, use hot water and clean the bottle using your bottle brush
  • Step n°3: rinse your bottle thoroughly with clean water and dry it. The Babymoov bottle brush adapts to all baby bottle sizes. It has a smaller, special pacifier brush. Practical, the bottle brush has a suction cup. You hang it anywhere on your sink, your splashback... for quick and hygienic drying.

Technical characteristics

  • Composition :
  • Brush: Nylon
  • Handle: PP
  • Suction cup: Silicone
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