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BABYMOOV Nutribaby + Industrial Gray

BABYMOOV Nutribaby + Industrial Gray

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BABYMOOV Nutribaby + Industrial Gray

Complete: 5 functions in 1!

Truly versatile, the Nutribaby + allows you to:

  • Heat
  • Sterilize your baby bottles
  • Steaming
  • Mix and defrost

Thanks to its 2 separate baskets, it ensures perfect steam cooking of food , at just the right time, preserving flavors and vitamins.

Its 3 mixing speeds combined with the cooking juice collector allow you to adjust the desired texture, to offer baby the best purees

Big capacity

The Nutribaby(+) offers the largest capacity on the market so you can prepare several meals for baby at once or to treat the whole family with good, healthy and tasty dishes. The steam baskets can hold up to 1500ml and the mixing unit up to 700ml.

Easy to use

Equipped with a central touch console and 10 automatic programs, you will be surprised by the ease of use of the Nutribaby(+): 1 button = 1 function .

Simply press the desired function then OK and off you go. Control the cooking time by the minute by adding or decreasing the time from the control screen

The (+): steam cooking & separate baskets, the winning combo!

Steam cooking better preserves the nutritional qualities of the cooked ingredients . This is the case for iron, for example, which is essential for baby's good growth.

Cooking foods separately better preserves the vitamins naturally present in cooked ingredients, such as Vitamin C for example, which helps absorb Iron.

Vitamin C + Iron = boosted immune defenses

Our tests* prove it, an apple/banana compote prepared with Nutribaby(+) better preserves the vitamin C naturally present in fruits! For what ? Because with Nutribaby(+), the apple and banana are cooked at their correct cooking time !

*Tests carried out in February 2017 by the independent ISHA laboratory

400 recipe ideas to make

And to support you throughout dietary diversification, discover our blog and our customizable Baby Cuisine application: more than 400 varied recipes and 150 tips, a search by age or by food... there is something for everyone. !

Technical characteristics

  • Cooker, Blender (1500ml for cooking, 700ml for mixing)
  • Removable bowl, baskets and mixing blade for easy cleaning
  • Gentle steam cooking, with 2 separate baskets
  • Timer and automatic shut-off for up-to-the-minute cooking
  • Cooking juice collector to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients
  • 3 mixing speeds to perfectly adjust the desired texture for baby
  • Possibility of cooking and mixing at the same time
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