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BABYMOOV Smokey Stroller Organizer

BABYMOOV Smokey Stroller Organizer

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BABYMOOV Smokey Stroller Organizer

Ideal for making your outings with baby easier

It's a real breath of fresh air for your little one and for you! The Stroller Bag stroller organizer really makes every outing easier. Universal , you simply attach it to the handles or bar of your stroller. It has several interior storage spaces and a zipped pocket at the front of the bag to store your credit card or phone. But what makes it unique is its adjustable insulated compartment . Your baby's meal or your mug are very easily accessible and always at the right temperature.

Compact and light!

The Stroller Bag stroller organizer bag has a fully zipped closure. You can leave it attached to your stroller when you store it in your car trunk for example. The contents of your bag stay in place. To change your baby when going out, with a simple gesture you unhook the organizer bag from the stroller. You clip the two clips together to create the shoulder strap and carry it as a bag . Practical, compact and lightweight, the Stroller Bag stroller organizer is essential for outings with your baby!

Technical characteristics

  • Bag composition: 100% Polyester
  • Composition of the insulated bag: 100% Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 33 x 11.5 x 16 cm
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