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BABYMOOV Squeezy Rechargeable Nomadic Night Light

BABYMOOV Squeezy Rechargeable Nomadic Night Light

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Ideal for reassuring baby
Soft, soothing, portable, the little Squeezy night light reassures baby throughout the night. Press it, it lights up, it's magical! The Squeezy night light diffuses a discreet light that reassures baby at night and allows you to monitor your little one without waking them.

Sweet & playful
Press it several times to adjust its intensity and one last time to turn it off. A true companion for baby's nights, it is not only very soft with its soft touch material but you can also place it directly in his bed. As your child grows up, they will use it to find their way at night.

Very convenient
The Squeezy night light charges quickly using a micro-USB cable. Its lithium battery offers a good autonomy of more than 200 hours. With its integrated timer, it can turn off automatically after 30 minutes if you wish. So you use it for several days before recharging it. Travel light with the Squeezy night light, thanks to its small size it fits easily into your suitcases to accompany you everywhere.

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