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Cybex Car Seat Cover Aton 5 Deep Black

Cybex Car Seat Cover Aton 5 Deep Black

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Cybex Car Seat Cover Aton 5 Deep Black

Following the lineage of its predecessors and in particular the Aton 2 winner of group 0+ by Stiftung Warentest (06/2012), the Aton 5 brings together the best of Aton technology.

Safe and comfortable travel companion

These unique features, such as the adjustable headrest with the harness system, in combination with the LSP side protection system, significantly improve the safety of this car seat, by absorbing and distributing impact forces as best as possible. The XXL canopy, the integrated reducer and the flat back function which reduces the risk of suffocation, make this shell your ally in terms of safety and comfort. This shell can be used with a belt or with an ISOFIX base for simpler installation.

8-position adjustable headrest

An 8-position adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides is another aspect of optimal side shell protection. The height of the harness automatically adjusts according to the height of the headrest, making the tedious step of installing the child obsolete. The Y harness system is a very effective and comfortable safety solution especially for very small babies. The soft seat insert attached to the headrest can also be used to adjust the height of the baby's pelvis.

LSP system

Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP System) absorbs the forces generated by a side impact in combination with the energy-absorbing shell. The very first forces generated by an impact are distributed on the deployed protector (LSP System) and absorbed by the flexible material of the shell. The flexible material and the structure of the shell then absorb the forces of impact and distribute them away from the baby.

Modular reducing insert

The neck muscles and reflexes of premature and very small babies are not fully developed and there is a significant risk of the head tipping forward, which can cause breathing problems and even suffocation. In close collaboration with German doctors and midwives, numerous tests were carried out to determine the ideal sitting angle for children, while a new function was developed which ensures the flattest possible position when child is lying down. The risk of suffocation is thus significantly reduced. The adjustment mechanism also offers larger children more space and comfort.

CYBEX Travel System

Very easy conversion to Travel System with CYBEX strollers and other brands Using a simple adapter, all CYBEX baby car seats can be converted very easily to Travel System with Callisto, Onyx or Topaz CYBEX strollers. They are also compatible with strollers from other brands, such as Bugaboo, Baby Jogger and Mamas & Papas etc. CYBEX also offers a lightweight, flexible and space-saving Travel System solution, which can be used in the city or on any terrain, giving parents a new dimension of mobility.

Energy absorbing shell

With side impact protection.

Padded seat insert

Height adjustable and attached to the headrest.

Integrated XXL sunshade canopy

Adjustable to 4 positions with UVP50+ protection.

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