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M2 Compact Stroller - Dark Gray

M2 Compact Stroller - Dark Gray

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Why complicate life when you can make it easier?

Are you looking for a stroller that folds and unfolds in no time, is quick and easy to store while being practical for your family?

The M.2 stroller is your ideal companion for walks and travel. Its lightness allows you to take it with you when traveling by train, car or plane:

thanks to its small size when folded, you can carry it as hand luggage.

The compact stroller for you and your child

Easily reclining stroller backrest

The comfortable seat of the M.2 stroller can be adjusted as desired and can reach a 170° lying position, ideal for your child to fall asleep during a ride.

Adjustable footrest

The footrest of the M.2 stroller can be adjusted with one hand in two different positions to ensure maximum flexibility.

Easily accessible stroller

The roll bar can be easily opened from both sides. You can also remove it to install a car seat in your M.2 stroller using specific adapters.

Watch over your child

Thanks to the ventilation windows in the hood and at the back of the seat of the M.2 stroller, you can constantly watch over your child while ensuring appropriate ventilation of the stroller on more summery days.

A large basket, adequate storage space

The large shopping basket of the M.2 stroller supports up to 5 kg. This way, you will always have the space you need to carry the essentials for you and your child.

One-handed folding and unfolding

The M.2 stroller can be easily unfolded and folded with one hand and, once folded, remains upright.

Stroller textiles

Our high-quality textiles are durable and easily cleanable.

Frame and wheels

The lightweight aluminum frame and 4-wheel suspension of the M.2 stroller ensure optimal movement for both parents and child.

Our M.2 stroller is designed in accordance with the EN 1888-1 standard. The seat is approved up to 15 kg but tested up to 20 kg.

Technical informations

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